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Marketing is a keystone for every business succeeding in today’s world. If you can market your product well on the internet, you will get business. More than 45% of the world are using one or the other social media platform. Our in-house digital marketing expert team is working from the last seven years in SEO, search media-optimization, link building, and lead generation.

In 2018, professional have increased their Digital Marketing budget by 50% as compared to statistics in 2016. 91% of people click on the link when it is on the first page of Google, in that also if you are at 1st rank, then 33% of traffic will reach your website. If you add a video thumbnail in search results, then it will almost double your traffic. World’s half population is using one or the other social media platform.

Digital marketing Workshop in Pune

You can find many digital marketing institutes in Pune, choose from the best of them. We are a group of passionate Digital Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to share their knowledge with students, and professionals and see them grow. We cover every aspect of Digital Marketing under this training program, as well as update the modules as per market demand, as this is a continually changing field of marketing. We arrange digital marketing workshop in collages, small-scale companies, and institutes and provide knowledge to improve their skills.

Most of the digital marketers are not having proper skills, that why they can not get the promotion or hike in payment. Ask for Weekdays batch to get integrated Digital Marketing workshop to develop your high-quality skills in a short time.

Learn SEO, SEM, Social Media

What Insights You Will Get Through This Workshop Or Training Program?
The modules which we are covering are as follows:
1. SEO (On-Page and Off-page)
2. SMO
3. Ad Campaigns
4. Email Marketing
5. Video Marketing
6. Photoshop
7. Lead Generation
8. Social Media Management (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ETC.)
9. HTML (basic)
10. link building
11. Sitemap, RSS, Robots
12. Bing, Google webmasters, Analytics
13. Business-oriented website development.
14. Website SEO analysis
15. How to get job in digital marketing sector.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is booming by 40% than any other industry in the market, as each and every business is trying to get an online presence. The government of India has also supported this field of marketing by launching a campaign called “Digital India”, to transform India into a digitally empowered society. As it is a very progressive field, there is a great demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. This shows your career will keep on growing. Certified course to help build an effective online presence using successful online marketing strategies.
It teaches how to build an online marketing plan, promote business online and improve website landing page for greater customer involvement.

Our Strengths

  • Learn from experts.
  • Practical training.
  • Flexible batches
  • Get hands-on experience on live projects.
  • So, to discover and develop the digital marketer in you, consider
Digital marketing Training Pune

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