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Online Hospital Management System

Our hospital management system is developed after deep study and research of all the requirements from different hospitals. It is one of the most advanced and unique covered application with 30 useful features. It offers a fully dynamic website as you are looking for. You will get domain, hosting server commercial email, different theme, and data security as per your requirment.

It will definitely increase your business, save time and money. It helps to establish your hospital as technically advanced, to avoid issues, errors and track every single detail of your hospital. It offers fully dynamic and mobile-friendly website and manages your hospital at an affordable cost.

Options are integrated into advanced hospital management system you can choose as per your need.

1. Online appointment booking
2 Patients management
3. Departments and Services management
4 Schedule Doctor's appointments
5. Prescription
6. OPD Management
7. IPD Management
8. Bed management
9. Operation Theatre availability and management
10. Inventory management
12. Investigation Management
13. Accounting, billing, Balance Sheet
14. Pharmacy management
15. Preventive Health Checkup
16. Payroll Management
17. HR Management
19. Insurance Management
20. Vehicles /Ambulance Management
21. Events/conformance/press news
22. Inquiry/ SMS, and notice board options. 23. Hospital activities, all report generate automatically ( print, or export in Excel, PDF, Etc.)
24. Nurse Staff
25. Supporting Staff
26. Online payment.
27. Import Patients Data
28. Adwords, and Gallery manage
29. Fully dynamic website
30. Promote your site

Why Online Hospital Management System from Logic Research and Solutions is the best?

There are many offline and online Hospital Management System, software, or applications are available.

Web based Hospital Management System

1) Offline Hospital Management Software: This type of software can be used for just one doctor is handling the small clinic. When the doctor is not required to promote his clinic and he/she can manage the software from the spare time. This is not useful for medium to large hospitals.

2) Online Hospital Management System: Some web development companies created this system and also sold this to various hospitals. If it is incomplete or with a lot of error are in that system, it will reflect on the performance of hospital reports and cannot get perfect results. When the Hospital Management System does not provide the complete options to manage hospital properly it is useless.

3) Online Hospital Management System with the website: There are many online websites or companies are serving this facility. They are proving it in cheap pricing but when you will buy it you will get the idea that this software/application system is incomplete.

You will not get the best design or user-friendly options to access your site.

After the long research Logic Research and Solutions have developed Online Hospital Management System with website application to fulfill every need of medium to large hospitals. To get satisfaction from your website we provide a fully dynamic website with Content Management System to handle your website easy to save your time and money. You will get world class quality designed website which offers to promote your hospital automatically with your quality content.

Now it is very important to boost your hospital brand and maintain it. We provide customized web-based application and website so you have to You just ask us your need and we will fulfill your requirements.

Please ask our business exécutive to arrange DEMO.