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Website Development Services

Leadstab is a leading website development company in Pune India that offers best web development services at affordable prices.

Website development is a process of broadly developing the tasks related to a web-page. The development process includes lots of elements such as design, content development, scripting, payment gateway integration, security configuration, other tasks, and maintaining. A properly built website can provide ultra speed when accessing it. User experience is a very crucial element when developing it.

What are the basic requirements of a common website?

  • Satisfy the expectations of the users.
  • Business-oriented.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly.

We serve to outsource Digital Marketing, Content Management, Responsive / Mobile website design, web application, and Mobile App development, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, SEO consulting, and UI/ UX Interaction Designing services worldwide.
We apply cost-effective and reliable services. From the various industries, our Online Hospital Management System is very popular.
We only provide high-quality business services where trust and security are very important to offer outsourcing services globally.
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Smart Website development Company India

Leadstab.com develop a website exactly as per the requirement of our clients using our maximum skills with creativity, innovation, affordability, and usability. We take care that it should be unique, well-organized, superiority, quality, and clean coding.

What is Web Development

Web development, in the conservative sense, would mean the creation of dynamic web applications. Often the experts in this field like to refer to this as performing programming on the internet. Web development services, in the broader sense, apply to the tasks required to be performed while developing websites for web hosting. A host of programming languages, frameworks, and tools are used by the developers while developing a website and making this usable.

Every single page of such a site is built by using programming parameters in HTML and CSS. Any creation would thus require the use of several hundred lines of code. The website development process involves performing web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

The website development concept would concentrate on the affairs of the building of the website and manipulating the creation for attracting viewers towards the site to convert them into the consumer of the product and services thus offered. Programmers within the cuff of Web Development of India services would require using coding and scripting language both at the server and client-side.

Types of Web Development

Depending on the kind of functionality, the Website Development process has been classified into six broad-line categories, viz.

  • The Static WEB Application – These applications are designed by using HTML and CSS, though many of the Web Development Pune services are using jQuery and Ajax too, as those support their backlog.
  • Dynamic WEB Application - Due to complexity in deployment, the generation of sites belonging to this type is limited within technically resourced web development India corporations. The developers need to use DBA for data loading.
  • Animated WEB Application – This requires developers to possess mastering capabilities over flash technology. To make effect display effective animation, a sense of creativity and consensus over the modern designing system becomes necessary.
  • Online store of E-commerce – The skilled professionals within the Web Development Pune services can put in the electronic payments made to a particular company. The design must have to be able to catapult the payment details over credit cards, PayPal, and other online payment systems prevailing in the country.
  • Portal Web Application – Portal web applications get complete access to the various portals. Mainly areas of accesses include emails, forums, chats, or browsers.
  • Web Application with CMS – Any progressive web development services would always update the contents that form part of the promotion. Changing the theme or updating the information helps in enabling the website to attract a new set of viewers every single day.

Web Development languages

As is observed from detailed scrutiny to types of words are used in the web development India process. These include the primary language – the basics and CSS or client-side scripting. The advanced programmers put more reliance over HTML5 that have induction of cross-platform compatibility, helping the elimination of errors.

The popular CSS frameworks and libraries make the inclusion of

  • jQuery
  • Aurelia
  • AngularJS, Angular 2
  • Backbone.js
  • Ember
  • Knockout.js
  • Mercury.js
  • Meteor.js
  • Polymer
  • React
  • Underscore
  • Vue

People expect lots of things when using a website such as speed and efficiency. Website developing is not a simple task. Developer should be expert with various skills which are needed. The demand for website developers has become higher because they only possess the skills to maintain a website properly. The web page development can range from static to dynamic with internet applications.

We are appointed web developers those who are having different skills, such as PHP, Angular, Android, Word press, scripting languages, and programming languages and much more. For reputation and branding, it is necessary to update your website regularly.

Website Development services

Many organizations follow the same standard and methodologies when developing their websites. The website designer appointed is known by the designation graphic designers or UI /UX designer they perform designing services.

Website Development Services in Pune, India

There are three types front-end, back-end, and full stack developers.

  • The front end developers are experts in the layout of the web-pages and capable of managing the visuals and graphics of that page. They also perform website designing task. All the things which are seen by the user when using a website are taken care of the front-end developers. The elements which are managed by these front-end developers are the structure of the website, menu, controls, Dropbox and texts. It should be user-friendly and attract many users towards the web-page.
  • The back-end developers focus on how the website functions. The back-end developers will fix any defect on the web page and also specialized in building programs which will collect data from people. These back-end developers will have technical language knowledge such as javascript, python, PHP, and MySQL.
  • The full stack developers will have to manage both the front-end and back-end development of the web-page. The full sacker developer will have expertise in both the front and the back end field.

Outsource Web Development Services in India

To reach a lot of customers directly through an incredibly built web page you can avail our services. The technology is growing day by day and few online platforms are now available from that you can build your small website for example wax.com. When you are looking for the business-oriented website be careful.

Why Outsource web development

  • To achieving the positive ROI
  • Programming and marketing campaigns
  • To fulfill the specific needs and organizational goals of your business.
  • Cost Optimizationv
  • Focus on your businessv
  • To get the right technology
  • Flexibility and Responsibility
  • Time-consuming
  • Competitive Developers
  • To get work from Efficient and Capable programmers.

E-Commerce Services

We have good experience of E-Commerce applications are build in PHP, Wordpress, Opencart, Magento, and other frameworks.

Mobile App

We already developed several Mobile Apps such as Android App, Hybrid App, iOS App Ionic Mobile App with the best quality.


We have a specific WordPress developer team with the skills and knowledge of different themes and plugins.

Web Design Services

Our creative Designer team is expert in Responsive, Graphics Designing, Dynamic Website Design, Template creation for Corporate website.

To get web development, programming, designing, on page optimization, off-page optimization services under one roof you can choose our company. Logic Research and Solutions is a leading web service providing and outsource website development company in India, from the last 12 years.

To get the best services, outsource your project to the most trusted company in India.

Custom Web Development Service

Customized website development helps to boost the credibility of your business and improve the visibility of your brand. It ensures positive outcomes and higher ROI compared to traditional methods. It includes boosting the company website performance compare to the competitors. A customized website performs much better than template based solutions with more visitors from generic search results. It also support cross-browser matched and on-page optimization. It includes the number of benefits such as total control with various aspects.

We create a results oriented website you can compare and avail it to increase in revenue. The company is specializing in not only web development but also android operating system development and mobile app development, digital marketing , SEO, SMO and lead generation.

How could you define Web Development

Web development is the entire gamut of needful tasks that are required to be performed while completing the formalities of Website Development. The tasks involve the construction and keeping up procedures for a website, i.e., adherence. The entire set of responsibilities is done at the backend by a group of people called website developers. Together, these people form a team who works fast and apply their dedication to making the great appearance of a website.

Web development services may include several forms of web content creation. The same could be exemplified by hand-coding web pages in a text editor, using Dreamweaver for building a website or updating a blog via a blogging website. The process has been simplified with the inclusion of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

Outsourcing Web Development

We are among the top takers of Web development company Pune services. We are among the leaders in providing software development services. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to come out with the hues that have made the conglomerates to endorse these kinds of responsibilities. Our research effort has brought forward a pail of considerations that could be put as under:

  • The business, if become freed from the hunch of duties engrossed with the framing of a website, can put more concern to the intricate affair of the central market.
  • Web Development India finds that outsourcing of the services of web development would enable them to save a considerable amount of money. Be it the hire of a freelancer, or offshore web development services. The cost comes down significantly, and most surprisingly, the variation could even be more than 75 percent, depending on the location.
  • Outsourcing would end the companies meet with top experts in the trade practices. The backbone of this thought is the need to have healthy technical methods which are even sought while dealing with Website Development.
  • It takes the resilience of accepting the modified methodologies while offering Web development services outsourcing. The recent additions in such modification are Scrum or Kanban, where the entire work has been sub-divided for the sake of simplification. The team engaged by us is capable of organizing the job based on projects. These enable them to construct the pivots as are necessitated; technical staffs are also made to reorganize their positions at par with the newly arrived requirements.